Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pilar & Lucy The Exact Friction of Stars, Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon

These funky, sexy fragrances from indie company Pilar & Lucy would be great gift-giving ideas for Valentine's Day. There's nothing like a little marabou and red (or black) roses to say "ooh-la-la" glamorous and fun LA style. My favorite in the line is still To Twirl All Girly (not shown) but these other scents are perfect for sweet, yummy and all-dolled-up you or someone you love.

The Exact Friction of Stars (black) is an orange-chocolate concoction with subtle coconutty touches. It's hypersweet and absolutely decadent, better in fact than truffles and macaroons. Tiptoeing Through Chambers of the Moon (red) is a psssionate tuberose-amber blend, and if you liked Annick Goutal Passion, you might find this one just as romantic, deep and intensely floral. Check out the pure oil versions, too.

(Images:, The Perfume Bee)