Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Romance Commandos Will Perform @ The Goldhawk on Fri., Jan.25, 2008

Come join us on January 25th, Fri. night at the rockin' Goldhawk in Hoboken. I'll be part of the shoo-bee-dee-bop-bop vocal group backing Tom Vincent, ersatz leader of The Romance Commandos. Now, some enlightening words from the fearless one himself:

"Once again The Romance Commandos will take the stage, and a good part of the room, on the backside of the Goldhawk Lounge. For the squeamish among you, the backside of the Goldhawk, unlike avian creatures, is actually quite pleasant. Take, for example, the backside of a Toucan which doesn't simply poop like it's less-exotic kin, but prefers to emit an exultant spray, explaining why so few of them are found at the neighborhood pet shops and fewer yet in the neighbors' dining rooms. Adding to the delight is the fact that the Goldhawk isn't a bird at all, but a marvelous neighborhood bar whose backside includes a sound system and comfy seats for your own personal backsides. And we'll all be crowding back in there on Friday the 25th for one of our musical demonstrations that veer so close to an actual party that the participants themselves are hard pressed to tell the difference.

Our lineup for this chapter will (hopefully) include:
Annalee Van Kleeck - vocals
Bianca Bob - vocals
Sali Oguri - vocals
Larry Capoli - guitar
Neal Pawley - trombone
Andy Goessling - just about everything, including saxes and mandolin
Waiting-to-hear-if-he's-available - keyboard

And fresh off the plane from Amsterdam, James Macmillan - bass
(Really. He's getting in the night before. If the plane is late and anyone else plays the bass, let me know)

And our special, first-time-ever Commando, Ed Shockley - drums
(Ed thinks he's just coming up from Delaware to say hi to James, so if you see him, don't say anything. It'll be a fun surprise.)

And why, you ask, would all of these quality players come out to play for tips when they could be home watching those NetFlix movies that have been sitting on the cable box for weeks and weeks?

Because of you.
No, really.

I know I've been insincere in the past, some would say "snarky", or "dickheadish", but after minutes of soul-searching I've come to realize it can't possibly be me. Or the two free drink tickets (thank you Fran. I know that adds up to 20 free drinks, but Larry only drinks club soda or something, so it's really 18).

So that leaves you and the unconditional love that you bring; deal with it.

And now, those precious details:

The Romance Commandos
Friday, January 25th, 2008
8:30pm - 11pm-ish
The Goldhawk Lounge (backside)
936 Park Avenue (corner of 10th St)
Hoboken, NJ
201 420-7989

Visit The Goldhawk website:

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(Images:, hobokenrockcity)