Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yosh Perfume Oils: White Flowers, Omniscent

Taiwan-born, San Francisco-based independent perfumer Yosh Han's first name "Yosh" means "fragrant" in Chinese. The word "yosh" sounds close to "yoshi" in Japanese meaning "good". I think "good" and "fragrant" are the ways to start off the New Year. YOSH perfume oils have been around for a few years now, and I've held them in high esteem since the first time I experienced them back in 2004. These beautifully blended perfume oils come in little rectangular bottles reminiscent of the neo-classical CHANEL parfum bottles--they are sleek and elegant designs. Here with me, I have the Sweet Suite sampler set of 6 fragrances which come in 1/32 fl. oz. glass vials, and among these, my favorites are White Flowers and Omniscent. White Flowers is a clean yet heady white floral blend that leans on the greener side of the olfactive spectrum. I think it smells gorgeous and so fresh. It's a Floral evoking spring in the air, the wind in your hair. Omniscent is a dark, spicy-ambery concoction similar to Chanel Coco, Miriam Mirani Aqaba, Jean-Louis Sherrer Nuits Indiennes: a mysterious and seductive classic Oriental. Try Sottile, Ginger Ciao, U4REAHH! and Stargazer, too, and check out her other collections, the Pirate blends and Temper Chocolate series.

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