Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eadward Ocean

I'm pretty sure what I'm drawn to in my recent favorite, Burberry The Beat, is a combination of tropical, coconutty, "beachy" notes and creamy, ambery-woody notes. I'm also drawn to the black tea note, even though it's a marine note. I think it's much more pleasant than many of the sporty-cool marine notes of the '90s. Eadward Ocean is actually more white floral-based than floral-woody, but I get a beachy feeling from it, like gardenia mixed with a subtle coconutty aura. I get some high-pitched, cool marine notes on top, a bit like melon or cucumber (probably the pomegranate as it tends to be a fresh, tart note, sometimes powdery) but very subtle and not at all like aforementioned '90s waterflorals. Well, maybe just a little, but I find this version to be more wearable. If you like Child, Monyette, Kai and other white floral-tropical scents like the ones I like, you might also like this not-so-mainstream find.

Notes on Beautycafe.com:
The smell of the ocean seashore, along with a mix of fruity notes
(fig, coconut, pomegranate) mingle together in this vacation in a bottle.