Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girls and Men

While we're on the subject of misogyny, may I please point out that everywhere I turn, I'm hearing more and more women refer to themselves and eachother as girls in everyday language than anytime I can remember except when I was a kid? This is not "you go girl" girl, but in a way that throws us back 50 years, contrasting girls with men--like that Archie Bunker theme song that goes, "when girls were girls and men were men". Would you minimize it as just a silly joke (and send us to the booby hatch)? Allure magazine reads like this, TV commercials I'm subjected to now that I'm watching more political news aren't exempt from this, and I'm getting rather discouraged...maybe that's the point, and they won't stop till we're all discouraged enough to think we could never be potential full human beings.

A Disney show on TV called "Life With Derek" also pointed out that feminism is something some people thought we once needed. Well, check out this Love's Baby Soft advertisement from the '70s and tell me we don't need feminism anymore. Do we want to go back to a time like this, when the only thing that turned men on were girls that were so young and innocent, they could never be too strong and intimidating for them to deal with? Are babies what we have to be so we're not seen as threatening bitches? Should we whisper so we don't sound shrill, and risk never being able to raise our voices to save our lives? Does equality mean chivalry or basic politeness between genders needs to die? I'd like to have a little more faith in men than that, because I'm a Gen Xer who has male friends who are real equals to me, something many people still don't understand or accept today.

(Image: 1976 ad in Tiger Beat magazine, www.stuckinthe70s.com)