Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jean Patou Moment Suprême

Lavender can be absolutely beautiful and ravishing if it's accompanied by the right set of notes. Alone, it can seem too astringent and medicinal, although I know some people adore a simple lavender scent, which has its own clean and classic, humble charm. I prefer my lavender with warm and sweet notes: Guerlain Jicky, Serge Lutens Gris Clair, MAC MV2 which I no longer wear and sent to a friend, but I still think the modern combination of lavender and vanilla is pretty swell. Enter Jean Patou Moment Suprême: it's a classic ambery Floral Oriental but what a subtle, clean and ethereal choice. It's like a veil of pale purple gauze, the tender light of morning or an angel's breath. It starts with a slightly astringent lavender note, but then, the soft, ambery spicy sweetness rounds it all out, and it creates a most refined aura of serene, comforting sophistication. For me, the dry down is the best phase of all when the classic Jean Patou signature heart of jasmine-rose florals begins to sing a delicate siren song. My heart has belonged to Joy for practically as long as I've loved perfume, but this Moment Suprême, although it wasn't love-at-first-smell the way Joy was for me, has also taken my breath away, and it seems to fit in with my lifestyle, seamlessly going from occasion to occasion without calling too much attention to itself but making its delightful presence known all the same. I find it elegant but sensual, smart and down-to-earth. As far as spices go, it's spicy enough for me, about as spicy as Caron En Avion (which I love passionately), but simpler and more diaphanous.

Jan Moran's Notes:
Jean Patou Moment Supreme (1929 Floral-Ambery)
Top Notes: Lavender, geranium, clove, bergamot
Heart Notes: Jasmine, rose
Base Notes: Amber, spices

(Image: 1942 ad)