Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Revlon Charlie

I love this Charlie ad! It's hard enough finding a perfume ad with black people in them (even today), let alone dark-skinned beauties like this model, and I mean in ones that aren't depicted like a National Geographic photo spread of Africa, but here it is: a stunning vintage ad from the 1970s of Charlie in a pantsuit. Before Charlie, no one wore pants for a perfume ad (correction: I just found a 1968 ad of Estée Lauder Estée--my apologies). The message this perfume sent out followed in Estée Lauder Youth Dew's footsteps as being a perfume a woman could buy for herself, without having to wait for some guy to buy it for her. The scent itself followed in Revlon Norell's Green Chypre Floral path, only fresher (therefore perceived as more youthful), and back when I first discovered it, I found it instantly likeable and easy-to-wear. It's very easy to find in drugstores, and there are many variations but the original is my favorite. What a concept--a working woman, a light, affordable Floral Chypre for daywear, plus an ad campaign that broke both sexual and racial stereotypes. Born in America, Charlie still rocks since 1973.


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