Monday, February 11, 2008

Roses Like Wine

Not enough roses for you yet? Have no fear; the perfume gods and goddesses have been merciful and we have choices to make life worth living. Here are my favorite deep roses, sumptuous and velvety dark, like full-bodied red wine. Top: Vivienne Westwood Boudoir (1998), a complex green Oriental: heavy, pungent, earthy, suggestive and animalic roses (a tiny bit goes a long way like parfum even though it's EDP). Go for the darker color juice--the new one is the paler rose, and rumor has it the scent's been watered down. 2nd tier: Chanel Coco (1984), a uniquely beautiful and sophisticated rose-amber with Mysore sandalwood, a hint of leather and sultry white florals with spices and peach topping off the daring, elegant Oriental blend. It's full of character and to be experienced in parfum if possible; Annick Goutal Ce Soir ou Jamais (1999), a fresh and sublime Turkish rose heart accentuated by a tender touch of peach and pear for a hint of innocent charm--but the dry down stage is all about intoxicating wine-scented skin. Bottom: Jil Sander No.4 (1992), a romantic, sexy and modern rose-amber with dazzling, voluptuous fruits, violets and tuberose: warm, sweet, rich and sensual yet as streamlined as the clothing designs in this stylish line.

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