Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sali Oguri Persephone New York - 3 Days Only!

"I dive into a pool of chocolate, a thick, rich, velvet chocolate-fondue mousse. I swim up to the surface, rising up through this delicious dense decadence. The air is suddenly bright with the smell of berries, and sweet-sour flowers. I want to eat myself with a spoon! This should be made into a syrup for ice cream! WOW! Thank you for your creativity!" --Vida S.

"A lush, deep, jewel-toned gourmand. Beautiful work!" --Elizabeth K.

"Sali Oguri's Persephone walks a tightrope between languid sensuality and ebullience with the grace of a gazelle. I can hardly wait for her next album." --Charles D.

"SEXY." --Mr. Five

The testimonials are coming in, but there's only 3 more days till Feb. 14th when Persephone becomes part of the private collection, never to be sold online again. Please make your purchases now, and don't miss out on my best blend to date!

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