Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot

This is how I discovered Very Sexy Hot: Thank goodness for the sexy and kindhearted woman, a fellow jingle/voice-over talent, who shared the name of her perfume with me when I asked, because she really smelled so good in the recording booth! It was a crowded booth with so many actors and talents, but no one was complaining. The scent was a bit ambery to me, warm and sweet, a bit spicy, but not at all overwhelming. It was yummy and just a little complex. I didn't smell any patchouli, either! When she said the name of the perfume, I nearly died. If you've read my scathing reviews about how low in quality the Victoria's Secret perfumes are, please take them with a grain of salt. I couldn't stand the musky Body by Victoria, and most of them aren't to my liking but now, I'm eating my words. Victoria's Secret has done something miraculous with this mass appeal scent, to make it absolutely swoonworthy. I've fallen in love with Very Sexy Hot and I've completely changed my mind about VS fragrances, even if I still despise their advertisements, their use of lowercase lettering or cutsey fonts as if to dumb us down, the fact that I can't fit into their bras that are sized starting from a B-cup, their lack of work for beautiful Asian models, and their capitalizing on sexist imagery and the fact that their business must exist. All prejudices aside, this is a really good scent.

Honestly, I'm not a patchouli fan and I don't smell much patchouli in it, it's so well-blended. I understand this scent is actually Very Sexy For Her 2 renamed and repackaged. Was it reformulated, too? I can't compare the scents because I haven't smelled Very Sexy For Her 2, but I thought the old bottle was ugly; it looked like a cross between a bad "modern" sculpture and a circumcised penis. I like the new bottles *a little* better; the shape is definitely sleeker and more pleasant to the eye. The glittery font on the new model looks like they tried to copy Stella McCartney. The VS bottle is still tacky, but it goes with the territory. Let me refrain from making your bones feel like they're rotting from all this criticism; the scent itself gets nothing but raves. ♥ ♥ ♥ xoxoxoxo

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot (2007 Floral)
(aka Very Sexy For Her 2 (2004))
Top notes: marigold, freesia, berry
Middle notes: peony, stargazer lily, plum
Low notes: patchouli, musk, suede, sandalwood, vanilla

You may also be interested in the original Very Sexy For Her, a richer blend if you find the Hot version a bit too light (Hot is substantial enough for me for most days) or if you simply seek variation. I already liked the original Very Sexy enough to own a mini I never finished, but I think Hot is my favorite (although I haven't smelled the others) in the Very Sexy line.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy (aka Very Sexy For Her) (Floral Oriental, 2002)
Top notes: capucine, pepper, cactus flower, clementine
Middle notes: camellia, hydrangea, mimosa, vanilla orchid
Low notes: musk, soft woods, blackberry, white amber