Monday, March 17, 2008

Creed Fleurissimo

Creed's website states that Fleurissimo was originally commissioned for Grace Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Fleurissimo is a florid, voluptuous Floral fragrance to me, very reminiscent of the original Valentino perfume from 1986, and also of Grès Cabotine, Christian Dior Tendre Poison and Oscar de la Renta Volupté. Although Fleurissimo isn't described as fruity, it definitely smells like it has warm fruit notes to me, not quite as stewed as the fruits in Rochas Femme but fruity enough they accentuate the tuberose heart and ambery, musky base. The iris and violets give it a green, slightly spicy, sharp edge, but overall, it's a sweet green fragrance, and more "wet" than dry (think Frederic Malle Angeliques Sous La Pluie or, heck, Britney Spears Curious). I've gotten random compliments on this fragrance when I wore it out, but I don't reach for it too often because it seems just a bit too "flowery" floral for me, and somehow heavy, almost as richly fruity-musky as Royal Water which, as much as I appreciate the imagery of it having been created for the late Princess Diana, I can't wear at all. Still, Fleurissimo is a very elegant heavy tuberose floral. If you like rich, musky florals (and musks in general), I think you'll like Fleurissimo very much, indeed. The green cap is a lovely touch, isn't it? It sort of ties it into the whole traditionally "youthful" green-white floral theme.

I've read that Jackie O loved both Fleurissimo and Valentino perfumes. Fleurissimo is also notoriously favored by Queen Elizabeth II (who also wore Blue Grass) and Madonna (Fracas lover).

Notes on Perfumemart:
Creed Fleurissimo (1972 Floral): Tuberose, violet, rose, iris