Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creed Imperial Millesime

Olivier Creed will always be one of my favorite noses whose creations I absolutely adore, from Spring Flower, my first Creed love, the happiest, noblest Fruity Floral with a green, breezy skip in its step, to the evocative, musky-fresh shared fragrance, Silver Mountain Water. I love their simplicity combined with the most refined ingredients, and I feel like each fragrance has some deep, ancient story to tell, from within each bottle designed like a modernized homage to the traditional Arabic bottle style (they sort of look like the Amouage bottles). These niche perfumes are real works of art, each scent composed and designed to wear so naturally and so soft on the nose, and they're named and presented to touch the soul with something beyond fragrance. These perfumes to me have soul, like a person who has traveled or is multicultural and learned about the world and how it is, how some things will change and how some things will always be. I think of Creed as macrocosm scents--large scale and energetic, full of life, like finding oneself at the tip of a mountain, and seeing beyond, to a place of optimism and hope. They're big, openly spaced, well-chosen notes like Herbie Hancock chords (well, OK--they don't make me cry like Herbie but still). They breathe.

Creed Imperial (1994) is another one of my favorites, and it's very similar to Silver Mountain Water in its musky freshness, but I think it's a bit more citrusy, more orange, if you will. They are both significantly musky scents, and the millesime (EDP or eau de parfum strength) is potent so one spritz goes a long way. I think the gold flask suits the very royal-smelling Imperial just as perfectly as the silver-capped snow white bottle matches the Silver Mountain Water, and as the all-silver flacon suits another related fragrance, Himalaya (this one smells almost like Green Irish Tweed to me, but fresh-musky also). The Creed line smells to me like fine French perfumes composed from a more minimalist, clean British sensibility, and as heavy as some of these scents are, I find them gauzy enough to ease into from day into night. Any one of these scents will take you anywhere.

Imagination Perfumery notes: fruity accents, Seaside notes, Sicilian lemon, Bergamot, Green mandarin, and Florentine iris, Amber, musk.

(Image: beautywab.com)