Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia

Guerlain Cruel Gardenia (2008) is to me a faint but sweet peach-gardenia which, especially in the opening stage, smells absolutely yummy, like Japanese peach candy, if only you could catch the smell in the air--mixed with the skin creamy, fizzy-mossy smell of Estée Lauder White Linen that takes center stage. As it dries down, the powdery makeup (maquillage) smell gets even stronger, and I think if I smelled this on someone, I'd think she was wearing Hermès Calèche. I'm so glad I've had the chance to sample it. As for me, I'm not S&M material--I need just a little more of the good stuff at face value and less Aldehydic vintage powder to tame what I desire. My trusted perfume decanter, Fishbone96, is now offering 1ml samples of this limited edition fragrance.