Monday, March 03, 2008


I think Barack Obama is brilliant, inspiring and a very special person to have come on the scene; I also like Hillary Clinton who's tough-but-human, and able to survive the sexist, dismissive attitudes from all directions. As great as both of these candidates are, I wish they were anti-nuclear energy. There's always the risk of spills, and it's not like we can protect ourselves from them when they happen (and countries that utilize nuclear energy do have occasional spills--there's no such thing as safe, clean radiation!). Ralph Nader is the only candidate running now who is truly Green in that anti-nuclear energy way. I've always dug him 'cause he's a consumer advocate. Not that I think he'd win this time...I don't think he's just in it to be a pest. Or he is. Whatever. I'm grateful for product labels and seat belts that work, thanks to him.

He's also an advocate for women, and there's a book I'm itching to read: Why Women Pay More by Frances Cerra Whittelsley and Ralph Nader--Explores reasons why women are discriminated against in the marketplace--on his website at