Monday, March 31, 2008

Sexism In the Fragrance Industry

It pains me to read perfume articles like this one--granted, it's in a tabloid, but still--because so-called perfume experts in the fragrance industry are being quoted, and they have power over young minds by being prominent in the public eye through perfume. To quote: "Lifestyle has organised its own smell test, analysing the top 50 best-selling scents across the UK this year, according to Perfume Shop sales. Our panel of experts consists of celebrity perfumer and celebrated nose Roja Dova; world-renowned scent specialist and Brand Sense agency founder Simon Harrop, and Julia Bolsom, a certified nose and Perfume Shop marketing director who has worked on the launches of more than 500 fragrances."

The experts' take on Boss Femme: "The girl band of fragrances. It smells contrived. It's very predictable."

Excuse me? Did that panel of experts just say that the perfume sucks and that GIRLS CAN'T PLAY? Apparently, these people have not heard Nancy Wilson of Heart play guitar, or Mary Lou Williams, Vixen, or any number of excellent female musicians and bands out there. They didn't know that Nannerl Mozart was a musician and composer whom her brother Wolfgang Amadeus looked up to enough to consult on music (but she wasn't allowed in her time to do what Wolfgang could). It's ignorance like theirs that makes me want to quit the perfume business. I feel like I'm wasting my energy on an industry that's doing nothing positive for young women these days.

Mary Lou Williams, First Lady of Jazz. She played piano, composed and arranged for Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie, mentored many greats.

Heart: From Led Zeppelin covers to originals, Ann and Nancy Wilson are respected for their virtuosity.

The Donnas: a real band.

Me'Shell Ndegeocello: played with John Cougar Mellencamp, The Rolling Stones and everybody who's anybody

The Go-Go's played their own instruments at least as well as Duran Duran and Mötley Crüe


You should also know...

The Spice Girls were NOT A BAND. The term "band" is misused by the musically ignorant. Vocal groups that don't play instruments (N-Sync, Boyz2Men) are not bands!!!

The point is, there are plenty of good female bands out there! Stop the sexism!