Friday, March 07, 2008

Verfaillie Grain de Passion

There are many discontinued perfumes that are actually great perfumes--given better circumstances, many of them would be classics. I don't know if Nicky Verfaillie Grain de Passion (1985, some sources say 1984) would be considered great by anyone else, but I sure wish it was still around. I remember seeing the Verfaillie perfumes (also Grain de Sable, Grain de Folie) mixed in a basket with Tea Rose and other low end scents at a discount store many years ago, wondering what they smelled like. I liked the lay-down bottles that looked like stones (or grains, as they were named), and how each one had a different color but in the same design, like the Bill Blass Nude, Basic Black and Hot series of the early '90s (the colors were beige, black and red, respectively). Verfaillie Grain de Passion is hard-to-find now, but I was able to get a miniature of it recently, and to my surprise, the scent is very much the type of Chypre I love: fresh, a bit green (and a little minty?) like Givenchy III or Deneuve but a bit woodier and drier like Paloma Picasso, with the rich, aromatic, Aldehydic-Floral-Fruity-Oriental-Chypre elements of Giorgio Beverly Hills Red, a favorite of mine once upon a time. There's a soapy "perfumey" note that reminds me of a vintage scratch-'n-sniff "perfume" which I can vaguely recall from way deep in my subconscious mind. Grain de Passion definitely strikes a chord within me--isn't it wild when a perfume can do that?