Monday, April 21, 2008

Allure-ing, Not

This May 2008 issue of Allure magazine, while it has some beautiful makeup and fashions in it, and most of the naked series, within context, was tastefully done, looks like a 1950s pin-up collection for GIs, and in fact, there's a photo of a stripper in front of GIs, with a caption saying something about an "elegant" strip tease and great creamy skin, bringing to my attention that perhaps sleaze is the new class. That shot wasn't necessary for the issue to portray beautiful women of many different ethnicities as I'm sure you tried to do. I'm bombarded with enough objectification of our bodies without it coming from women's magazines. Furthermore, I can't stand the cheap lolli-flicking tongue shot. I also despise the eye makeup that looks like the model has a black eye. It doesn't make her look tough and dangerous as the caption reads, but like she's in a dangerous situation. Please do better than this for young women and all women, Allure. It saddens me to see such degrading and abusive images, no matter how artistic you deem them to be. You might as well call pornography "art"--or is this the direction you're taking now? This may well be the last issue of Allure I'll buy.