Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien

I remember the year when Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien was the #1 bestselling fragrance at Sephora in New York City. It was awhile ago, but I'll bet this fabulous fragrance, the bestseller in the Annick Goutal line, only gains more loyal fans each year. I've decided I love Eau d'Hadrien enough to call a signature, one of my holiest grails. The reason it sold so well here is probably because it's a very convertible day-to-night fragrance. It's so delicious-smelling, fresh and energetic, a wonderful pick-me-up in the A.M, but soft and natural-smelling, not at all obtrusively heavy with too much woods or musk in the base, perfect for the most conservative Wall Street office through the day. It goes effortlessly through lunchtime, melding nicely with food smells (it's not a perfumy smell at all), and eases into the late afternoon with a happy disposition (although by this point, you'll need a refresher spritz); in a pinch, you can dab a bit behind each ear before evening festivities, as it'll even take you onto a limo going crosstown to the opera or an elegant dinner. Here is elegance that can double as sporty, from the racquetball court to Lincoln Center without being too overwhelmingly Chypre (which can scream "perfume") or going the typical sportif or aqueous Marine laundry detergent way.

I know Annick Goutal was a great perfumer because she got the basics right. She was also a pianist--leave it to a musician to get the job done well :-). Eau d'Hadrien is a pleasure from beginning to end with no hard edges, except for the brightness it exudes confidently. This is an excellent shared fragrance between men and women, and to prove it, there are different styles of bottles you can choose from.

Annick Goutal's line is timeless and classically French; the perfumes are known for their quality, high content of natural oils and simple but beautifully composed, easy-to-wear creations that can layer upon each other through the day. Some of the scents are heavier than others (Passion, Gardenia Passion, Grand Amour, Sables) but a good majority of them are light, making the Annick Goutal line optimum for choosing good daytime scents from--a must for any professional woman who wants to make the right impression from the first hello.

(Image: www.escentual.com, www.vonmaur.com)