Thursday, April 03, 2008

Autism Awareness

I'm glad I was tuned into CNN for tonight's episode of Larry King Live to see Jenny McCarthy fight to be heard regarding the connection between autism and vaccines. It's amazing to me that leading experts from the American Pediatric Society, even after the Vaccine Injury case was won against the government, still don't believe it's the mercury and other heavy metals in vaccines that cause any problems. Even if mercury has been removed from 90% of the vaccines, they might as well say it's OK that mercury and aluminum are still in them, being injected in standard doses to infants without any regard to individual size, weight, genetic disposition, etc.

It was also eye-opening to hear for the first time that at least one doctor thinks the DNA that makes certain people susceptible to developing autism is passed down from the fathers.

There isn't just one cause of this growing global epidemic, since genetic disposition and environment both seem to play a part, but it's encouraging to see that mothers--thousands of voices in unison--are finally being heard and slowly but surely respected for what was being said all along, that they watched their children change before their eyes just after getting the MMR combination shot with thimerosal. It's time the medical world considered the word of mothers to be empirical evidence and stopped treating women like it's all in our minds.

March for Autism in June 4th, 2008 in Washington DC: For more info, visit

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