Monday, April 14, 2008

Caron Montaigne

Caron's reformulations of their older perfumes are some of the best I've ever smelled. They're far superior to reformulations by Guerlain, Chanel and Balmain. Caron Boutique had generously sent me some lovely extras with my last purchase, and one of the samples I received was the new Montaigne, an addition to their contemporary collection. I already loved the older formula which I've owned in both parfum and EDT, but the new version is very true to its original form. At first, it smells a bit different from the original, perhaps a bit more modernized, but after 30 seconds, it's the same sumptuous, heady and full-bodied beauty I know so well. How did they do it, without making the modernized version smell flat and tinny? They must be using the finest ingredients to make this Caron aficionada happy. I've compared this perfume to Boucheron before because of the spicy-ambery-woody white floral character, but Montaigne is in a league of its own. I'm glad to see it return, and I hope more people will have a chance to know what a bombshell Fruity Floral smells like. Actually, although it's been categorized as Fruity Floral in the past, Caron now lists it as Floral Oriental. It's not anything like the Fruity Florals you many know--this is more like a rich, classic Caron with a sweet white floral heart and a subtle, golden mandarin orange touch, very deep, warmly ambery and wooded for a refined, powdery finish.

Caron Montaigne (1986, Floral Oriental)

A floral oriental which releases a burst of golden hued flowers, mingling with woods and exotic balms. Jasmin and mimosa coming together in the most delicate of fashions, to intertwine with Sandlewood and Mysore.

Notes on Now Smell this:
jasmine, bitter orange, coriander, mandarin, daffodil, mimosa, cassie, sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla.