Sunday, April 27, 2008

Colors, Numbers, Iris and Rainbows

I thought it was interesting to read that this year according to some churches is the Year of New Birth (last year, 2007, was the Year of Completion which apparently came with punishment for unbelievers--hmm...does that explain the newly reintroduced controversial Good Friday Latin Mass?). OK, this is actually more like numerology than religion to me, but I guess people of all walks of faith can get wrapped up into symbols and numbers, so anyway, here's the interesting part: the color scheme (yes, there are correlating colors) is rainbow.

Now, according to Pantone, the Color of the Year is Blue Iris. The two ideas don't really seem to connect until you read about Iris, the goddess whose roots go back to Greco-Roman times and even further back to Egypt and India (she is an Indo-European goddess, after all). Iris means rainbow.

Read about the iris-lily connection and the association with the Virgin Mary: History of Irises.