Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Coty Sand & Sable

I love happy scents, and Sand & Sable by Coty is such a joyful, beachy fragrance. To be more specific, it's tuberose-gardenia based, so it's a heady, lush tropical white floral blend--sweet and intoxicating, romantic and warm. I personally get more gardenia (a slightly retro, low-pitched and sweet kind) than tuberose from it, but both are listed notes. I don't usually expect miracles from a drugstore perfume, but this one, despite its slightly aftershave-y dry down (like many typical drugstore perfumes), is still pretty good. I think it has a heavy, suntan oil-like smell, similar perhaps to Bobby Brown Beach or Dior Sun. I also smell a significant amount of woody notes in the base, intensifying it to an extra sweet, warm, rich and heavy aroma, like Michael by Michael Kors or Miller Harris Noix de Tubereuse. It might come across as a creamy scent to some. I often suggest Sand & Sable for lovers of tuberose-gardenia scents like Michael, but although it can serve as a reasonably good stand-in, it wouldn't replace the higher end perfumes perfectly. Still, you may fall in love with it and call it your eternal love. If you're not a huge fan of beachy white florals and just want to have a fling with one, this might be your best catch, as close to guilt-free as possible.