Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Get Me Started...

There are so many things in the last issue of Allure magazine that bug me, it's not funny. First of all, this myth that women in their 30s are too over-the-hill for miniskirts is absurd. If you have the body to wear it, by all means, wear it! 30s are young! They're just trying to sell more botox and skin cream. Also, what's with "leave them (miniskirts) for young girls in their 20s"? Are WOMEN in their 20s now young girls, like they're 10-year-olds? I guess nothing these girls say should make a mark on the world just yet, till they grow up to be adults, you know, like their male counterparts who are respectable men by the time they're 18.

Another thing: High-pitched fragrances should not be equated with dumb women. This is sexist, as bad as blonde jokes, because women happen to have naturally high voices--at least many of us do. I once worked with a TV director who loved it when I had a cold, because my voice would deepen to a contralto. She'd tell me to sound that way more often, because it made me sound more intelligent. I think she practiced having a low voice (straining can permanently damage your voice, btw). This is what happens when style gets out of hand and becomes stereotype. Allure, get real. We don't have to act like men to be taken seriously anymore. Stop the time warp!