Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

Despite the image, it's not exactly a scent I'd associate with "Rock music" unless it's the Lindsay Lohan or Ali & AJ kind, but it's not bad for a mainstream Fruity Floral. It's very fruity and candy sweet, very Escada-like, but less sweet than, say, Valentino Rock 'n Rose, and very similar to Kelly Price Stunning by Jordan which is hard to get here in the US. Basically, it's more strawberries than rose but a lot of both, and it has a freshness that makes me think of apples.

It's a great scent for Spring, but I'll stick with my own Pink Manhattan which is also fruity but significantly less intensely sweet (to my nose, anyway). Besides, there are many strawberry scents out there like it now: Miss Dior Cherie, Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne, Ralph Wild and aforementioned Stunning by Jordan, and I already have a few of these in my collection. You gotta love candied strawberries in a perfume, though--like flavored lip gloss, it's as girly as it gets.