Friday, April 18, 2008

Fred Kimmel "Rainy Town" Featuring Sali Oguri #1 In Electronic - Trance On Broadjam

Fred Kimmel "Rainy Town" featuring Sali Oguri on vocals is back at #1 on the Electronic - Trance Top 10 Chart on Broadjam!

Fred Kimmel "Rainy Town" featuring Sali Oguri has re-entered the Regional - New York Top 10 chart!

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More songs featuring Sali on vocals are holding the #1 spot on Broadjam's top 10 Charts:
Fred Kimmel "No Need To Reply" (featuring Sali Oguri) - #1 in Electronic - Dance
Fred Kimmel "Jazz Bad" (featuring Sali Oguri) - #1 in Electronic - Drum N' Bass

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(Photo by David Vassilev)