Monday, April 07, 2008

G by Giorgio Beverly Hills

"A Fruity Floral with a unique coolness to it, like a nighttime bloom" is how I'd described G by Giorgio Beverly Hills (1999) a few years ago. Today, I still feel it's a fabulous mainstream scent, even though it's easy to find at most discount stores now. I think it's well-blended enough that the overall scent features many assets from floral (Golden Sundust orchid) to woody, with a hint of candy and a pineapple note. It's rather sweet, but it also has a freshness about it due to aqueous notes that might bring to mind Clinique Happy which launched in the same year. If you liked Calvin Klein Eternity Purple Orchid and found it just a bit musky, you might find G very wearable. It's youthful and upbeat, and it can party all the way to the dance floor.

When G was launched in 1999, it was only available at the Rodeo Drive boutique or through a toll-free number, the same way the blockbuster hit perfume, the original Giorgio, was sold in the beginning.

Notes on Imagination Perfumery: Golden Elf Sundust Orchid, Rainbow Waterlily, Pink Grapefruit, White Hyacinth, Frangipani Flower, Rose Peony, Assam wood, Cedarwood.

G was created by Proctor & Gamble Fine Fragrances. According to the article, "P&G puts the G in glamour", Cosmetics International Cosmetic Products Report, September, 1999, these notes are listed: golden sundust orchid, melon, pineapple, grapefruit, peony, frangipani flower, ginger lily, magnolia, jasmine, white peach, assam wood, sandalwood and vetiver