Sunday, April 27, 2008

Laura by Laura Biagiotti, Etro Vicolo Fiori, Selah by Selah Parfums

I'm reviewing these three together because they remind me of one another. First, there was Laura by Laura Biagiotti. Italian designer Laura Biagiotti's perfumes are made in Germany. Laura to me has a fresh and delicately powdery aqueous musky appeal. It's predominantly a rose blend, with black currant (cassis) top notes, watery florals supporting the (synth) rose note, a handful of soft fruits and a relatively light musk base. I'm reminded of other musky powdery scents such as Kenzo Flower and Cacharel Noa, but Laura is rosier and a bit fruitier than those. It's a quiet type of perfume, youthful and transparent, yet with a veil of powder like seeing marine life through a soft focus lens. I might call it an angelic, innocent composition, one that could be a great wedding choice.

The notes according to Basenotes:
Laura Biagiotti Laura (1994)
Top Notes: Melon, Watermelon, Cassis, Lychee
Middle Notes: Waterlily, Rose, Apricot, Violet, Jasmine, Carnation, Peach, Lotus Flower
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musky notes

Milanese design house Etro has its own niche line of perfumes, among which I find Vicolo Fiori particularly pleasant. I find Etro Vicolo Fiori (1996) to be very similar to Laura, except I find Vicolo Fiori not as sporty, or obviously melony. Still, the theme and smell borrow from Laura the blushing bride: a rose and cassis blend with watery florals, aqueous fruit notes and a powdery, musky base.

Notes on Etro's site:
Head notes: tangerine, campanula
Heart notes: water lily, lotus, cyclamen, wild rose, ylang-ylang, white peach, cantaloupe
Base notes: musk, iris, sandalwood, vanilla, amber

Selah (2000-2001) by Selah Parfums of Israel ( is an obscure perfume I once had the pleasure of sampling through their website (I don't know if they still offer samples), and I was delighted to find out that this lovely scent was also along the lines of these subdued powdery aqueous rose blends. It comes in an exotic bottle and the scent would be lovely for Spring.

Another one to try that you may find similar is Orlane Be 21 featuring iris, heliotrope, white florals, peach, citrus and Chinese rhododenron on a woody-vanillic base.

(Image: Laura Biagiotti Laura ad, 1996