Friday, April 11, 2008

Loree Rodkin Gothic II

Some upscale department stores and niche boutiques carry it, but Loree Rodkin Gothic II by the well-known jewelry designer is a little-known perfume that I think is out-of-this-world. This is one powerful oil perfume, and if ever a perfume could be called Gothic, this is it. It's dark, heavy, extremely potent (a tiny dot carries a pungent sillage and can affect you physically if you apply too much) and headshoppy. There's nothing refined or understated about this scent--it's all about wild and nature-lovin' hippie smokiness, but it's also deliciously sweet with vanilla tempering the medicinal properties of patchouli. I usually stay away from patchouli but this is to me what a good patchouli perfume should smell like: incensey, warm and thick, mellow, centering and down-to-earth, maybe more like a Buddhist temple offering than the frankincense that burns in a Catholic setting. Whatever--it's meditational and incensey, dark enough to be Goth. This does not smell like the patchouli you're used to in mainstream fragrances like Angel, Prada or Britney Spears Fantasy. True, you probably could go to The Village and find some great oil shops that carry similar oils, but Gothic II is already blended in perfect proportions so you don't have to do the work.

I haven't sampled Gothic I but the word on the street is that Gothic II is the heavier and sweeter of the two. I know I'd prefer the more vanillic one, but I like a little yin with my yang.