Saturday, April 12, 2008

Miriam Mirani Aqaba

Somewhere between Chanel Coco and Yosh Omniscent is the deep, warm and mysterious beauty that is Miriam Mirani Aqaba. It could also be compared to the incensey feeling of my current obsession, Loree Rodkin Gothic II, but Aqaba is not a headshop incense but a more refined incense composition. It is a heavy Oriental with that sumptuous, earthy, brazen and untamed vibe about it that's wonderful, but it's an indie perfume creation of the sophisticated ilk. I'd say it's pretty spicy but not harsh; it doesn't turn overly cooked or syrupy-pungent on skin, and it also has a touch of the salty Montauk (that's Long Island, NY) beach rose of Antonia's Flowers Tiempe Passate to give it some lift. I've named some fragrances which to me are the most similar to it but Aqaba just has to be experienced because it's like nothing else. I couldn't tell you whether it was an accurate reflection of the scents of the Red Sea region since I've never been in that part of the world, but I can tell you that it certainly puts me in a Queen of Sheba frame of mind. It smells to me like the land of milk and honey, but more honey than milk, maybe some spiced peach iced tea, and lots of rich, smoky-sweet, jewel-toned amber.

Notes on
Aqaba - A jeweled city on an ancient caravan route, through which camels laden with luxurious cargoes of incense, gold and gemstones passed as the Queen of Sheba traveled to meet King Solomon. An encounter that sparked a legendary passion. This tantalizing fragrance inspired by the charismatic queen uses ingredients from the traditional art of Arabian perfumery.

Eqyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, damask rose, frankincense, peach, tea leaves, white cedarwood, oak moss