Sunday, April 13, 2008

Neurotoxins In Perfume

Biophysicist Luca Turin has mentioned a particular synthetic musk ambrette having been banned from use in perfumes ever since it was declared a neurotoxin. My question is: In which perfumes had this musk ambrette been used, and have they all been pulled from the market? If only 90% of children's vaccines containing the mercury-derived thimerosal have been pulled from the market, and coal tar-derived Red No.3 artificial coloring had been quietly discontinued and exchanged for Red No.40, I can't imagine all of the perfumes containing this substance is gone from our stores, and certainly not from our homes. Many of us are collectors or perfume writers; we buy and test vintage perfumes that might contain this neurotoxin. Children might have access to these substances in our homes. There should be information posted on the site or someplace where we can check periodically for the names of perfumes that contain any neurotoxins, and any such perfumes should have been recalled if they posed a hazard to public health.