Sunday, April 20, 2008

Paco Rabanne Eau de Calandre

I couldn't find images of Paco Rabanne Eau de Calandre (created in 1969 by Michael Hy as was Calandre in the same year), so I've posted some of my favorite images of Calandre (edited: I found one, so I've added the image below). Wow, I think Eau de Calandre is closest to being my signature. It's a sharply green, yet softly mossy Aldehydic Floral with that definitive retro late '60s-70s vibe, but the base is so soft and green, and the scent just sparkles on me. It's the simplest of this type of scent I've come across. It's minimalist but not sporty in the least, and woodsy-mossy but very urban. I'd still be happy buying the newer version of Calandre, but I'm really in love with Eau de Calandre. From one of my first loves, Eau de Metal to Chanel No.19, Creed Spring Flower and now discovering this scent which is actually the older of the two Paco Rabanne creations, I feel right now like my perfume journey has come almost to a full circle. There's always more to discover, but this perfume feels like "me". (Edited to add) I smell quite a bit of jasmine in this, which would explain why I adore it so much. I'm getting shades of Rich Hippie Spring--nice to smell quality natural ingredients in these vintage beauties, and sad to think such quality is no longer preserved in the new reformulations. The bottle by Pierre Dinand is also my favorite bottle design.

(Image: Eau de Calandre,