Monday, April 07, 2008

Parfums de Nicolaï Cococabana

When I first tested it, I thought it was way too suntan oil-like and so obviously coconutty that I couldn't imagine wanting a full bottle of this scent (as yummy as I thought it was, although it's more "tropical drink" than "cake" yummy, and slightly heavy, warm and musky). However, it's grown on me. It is kind of heavy with a definite oily muskiness but it's still airy and smooth, like a "whipped" cloud of coconut. I smell a prominent pineapple note or some lively yet low-pitched fruit. I also detect something like pikake, a type of jasmine featuring a banana-like softness. It's the scent of hot skin while vacationing on a tropical island--someplace you know is heaven on earth, totally carefree, easy-going, blissful, peaceful, a friendly paradise full of warm breezes even at night. Still, this is not a summery coconut as much as a cool weather one for me, only because it really is a warm scent, heavy-musky like Annick Goutal Songes, only a lot more wacky (elegant pina colada?) which I can also appreciate. OK--I've said all this but if your budget is tight, try Coty Sand & Sable, too. They are sort of in the same family of beachy, sultry, sweet, warm tropical scents to me. However, Nicolaï can't be beat in terms of quality. A little goes a long way with this and it gets a bit monotonous after awhile--more of a mood scent for me, but when I want it, I really want it.

Notes from
Parfums de Nicolaï Cococabana (2006)
Family : Floral Fruity Amber

Top notes : Fruity : coconut, bitter orange oil
Heart : Floral : tiaré flower, tuberose absolute, ylang-ylang oil, orange blossom absolute
Bottom notes : Musky vanilla (flavoured)