Friday, April 04, 2008

Say No to Nuclear Energy (Why I Don't Want To Live In Long Island)

Read: Cancer Caused by Emissions from Nuclear Power Plants

They'll tell us it's genetics, that the high cancer rate isn't really any higher than the national average, that nuclear power plants are safe, but many of us who live in New York know that the problem is the radiation. If you think nuclear energy and building power plants is the answer to a failing economy, think about the cost of losing your children, your loved ones, to cancer. They once said no one had any proof that cigarettes caused cancer in smokers, but of course we know today that cigarette smoking certainly does. Just as we're fighting now about taking mercury out of children's vaccines because the government has finally conceded that mercury-derived thimerosal can cause autism, people have fought against relying on nuclear energy with good reason.

Another place I'm not in a rush to live is Japan where they're dependent on nuclear power for about 60% of its electricity generation. High tech? Sure. But when there are leaks in Japan, people are told there's no risk to their health at all. When the nuclear leak occured in Japan last year due to an earthquake ravaging the plant, people were told no radiation was detected outside the plant. Truth is, by the time we hear about leaks, it's too late to do anything about it, anyway. If it seems no one was harmed, we won't know the effects of exposure to radiation until many years later, and any connection to nuclear power stations would be deemed inconclusive. Is this the kind of future we want for this country?

Scientists believe radiation is clean and safe, and only stupid people are afraid of it anymore, so one will listen to your complaining about the effects of radiation on your health. Let those scientists and all the people who agree with them live next to the plants, then. I'm saying no to nuclear energy. The economy and global warming are not good enough reasons to put my loved ones' health at risk.