Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Say No to Nuclear Energy!

The U.S. voice of the world's largest network of environmental groups, Friends of the Earth, says:

Help us fight new nukes in the U.S.
"For the first time in decades, the nuclear power industry is considering building new nuclear reactors in the United States. They claim that nuclear power is a solution to global warming, but that’s just not true. Indeed, nuclear power costs too much, takes too long, and is too risky when better alternatives are available.

"Private markets won't provide the funds for new reactor construction because nuclear power is too expensive and financially risky, so the industry is working to get taxpayers to foot the bill through a loan guarantee program that its allies in Congress are trying to insert into various pieces of legislation. Industry executives have admitted that without these loan guarantees, there will be no more nukes. Friends of the Earth is fighting to keep these loan guarantees out legislation. Will you join us?"

Link to: Don't Buy the Nuclear Lie at Friends of the Earth, U.S.

Nuclear Power is dangerous and expensive because:

Security threats
Power stations could be terrorist targets.
Toxic waste
Pollutes environment. Waste needs careful management for generations.
Global proliferation
Availability of deadly materials increased.
Friends of the Earth research has shown we don't need nuclear reactors to stop climate change.

There is a safer, cheaper and cleaner solution to the problem of climate change - green energy.

Frank van Schaik, nuclear energy campaigner at Friends of the EarthEurope, said:
"Nuclear power is not the solution to the problems of climate change and energy security. Nuclear power remains the most dangerous form of energy. An accident like the 1986 explosion of the reactor in Chernobyl in the Ukraine could happen every day. And the question of what to do with highly radioactive waste remains unsolved. We can secure the supply of energy ten times cheaper through investing in energy savings instead of new nuclear power. On a level playing field, nuclear power is economically insane." Read more here: Nuclear power can't save the climate according to Friends of the Earth

Read about safe Green Energy and if you're in Europe, find out what you can do by linking to: Friends of the Earth UK.

Happy Earth Day!