Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yves Saint-Laurent Baby Doll

The name and concept of this popular Fruity Floral classic remain controversial, but the diamond-cut style bottle holding the pale pink fragrance is just about the prettiest thing I've ever seen. It has Barbie written all over it, but I don't think I could ever outgrow my attraction to pink. As for the scent, it's also a very pretty blend, predominantly of grapefruit and roses on a woody (and somewhat vanillic to my nose) base. The overall effect is actually more complex than it seems at first; the burst of tart citrus gets more floral and rich with wear. It's still a light fragrance on the whole, and maybe too aqueous for some, maybe too floral for some--it boldly walks the thin line between worlds. If you enjoyed YSL Paris, Baby Doll is a fresher, sportier, more summery and energetic take, but I think the two share similarities, mostly due to hearts of rose that give them that traditional, romantic vibe. Whereas Paris featured violets to accentuate the classical floral motif, Baby Doll features lively fruits such as rhubarb and red currant, with a hint of peach for a soft touch.

The notes according to Basenotes:
Yves Saint-Laurent Baby Doll (1999)
Top Notes: Grapefruit, Redcurrant, Rhubarb
Middle Notes: Rose, Freesia, Spices
Base Notes: Peach, Grenadine, Cedarwood

Many other sources list many more notes such as sandalwood, tonka, ginger, heliotrope and pineapple. It's definitely a more sophisticated blend than it seems, although the intense fruitiness can come across as being a simple, youthful scent. It's for lovers of the lighter, brighter side of life.