Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yves Saint-Laurent Y

Yves Saint-Laurent Y 1968 ad states: "I am the original that can't be copied". (Also implied: "Don't you wish you were me?")

Imagine the somewhat forward, booze-induced sexual innuendo of Ysatis mingling with the slightly dirty softness of peachy oakmoss in Mitsouko, carried by the vibrant green, grassy top notes of Armani Femme or Deneuve and you've got Y (pronounced ee-grek). There's a light, green breeziness about it, but it also reminds me of Jean Patou 1000, Chanel Cristalle, Christian Dior Diorella or Rochas Femme because the dry down stage is a lukewarm and somewhat tacky mossy-woody stewed fruit, unsweet yet heavyish, a bit dark, very true to its Fruity Chypre classification. The opening is more refreshing along the lines of Givenchy III or Miss Dior. Does it smell like the retro advertisement looks--heels and powersuits with a little show of leg (very Sharon Stone-esque)? Hmm...maybe this one wasn't really meant for the office after all--unless, of course, you are the big, bad alpha female boss. If other green Chypres weren't naughty enough for you, try this audacious and perfumey classic circa 1964. Here's another comparison of mine you might agree with: Y is the mother of Estée Lauder Knowing (1988), the ultraconservative Chypre marketed to overachievers and "those in the know". Understated as they're known to be (which they're not, especially Knowing, an '80s power-fume), I think they come on like a low-pitched whisper if you know what I mean.