Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kylie Minogue Showtime, La Perla J'aime

Neither of these rock me but I figured I'll comment on them anyway since they're apparently not easy to sample in the US:

Kylie Minogue Showtime: I liked the first launch, Darling, better. This second perfume by Kylie is not much different from, say, Christina Aguilera or Victoria's Secret Supermodel. It's a musky-woody Fruity Oriental with pronounced red fruit notes. I know it's strawberry but mixed with creamy-woody notes, it comes across like mango or passion fruit to my nose. It also kind of smells like Guerlain My Insolence in a way; I'm smelling a fruity rose mix. Of the two listed here, I prefer it over J'aime, but I don't dig the musky base.

La Perla J'aime: It's hypersweet and peppery Oriental-Fruity Chypre, like Ed Hardy-meets-Badgley Mischka, ending on patchouli-amber, sweet like La Prairie Midnight Rain. It smells a lot like Midnight Rain once the fruits dry down with the musky-woody-creamy sweet notes, but bolder, I'd say, and over-the-top. It's very intensely fruity and patchouli-based, too much for me as I prefer softer scents, but if you love strong patchouli in fragrances such as Prada, you'll probably prefer this over Showtime.