Friday, May 16, 2008

Lauren by Ralph Lauren

I've already posted about Lauren by Ralph Lauren (1978) and how much I adore it, so I won't bore you with more details, but I wanted to just state that even though I'm truly tired of the classics trend that only keeps turning back the time to where I don't wish to return (and hadn't really been part of anyway), I am glad to return to the classic Lauren. It's a classic that doesn't demand a 1940s-1950s corsetted figure or for me to make myself into a pin-up doll like the fashion mags suggest. What's with the prolonged fascination with this era? What'll come back next: men slapping women around on the silver screen a la Glenn Ford, perhaps? Lauren is New England style crisp and upscale prettiness without an aura of servitude or flaunted snobbery. There's no striptease, dominatrix severity or ostentatious show of green money or furs with this easy-going, All-American girl-next-door understated retro beauty of a scent. The only animalic feature is the equestrian vibe you might pick up from the sweet caress of soft fruits, greens and wildflowers. Why can't we relax again? Take those twisted misogynistic images and desperate pin-ups out of my face, fashion world, and bring back true class.