Friday, May 16, 2008

Michael Edwards Fragrances of the World 2008: New Fruity and Gourmand Families!

A very wise woman once posted to me on a fragrance forum when I first joined back in 2001 or so not to be bullied into liking only old perfumes, that I should like what I like and not let their tough members chide me into liking their favorites. Although I love perfumes from across the different eras and genres just as I do in music, she knew what I was in for. It's no secret it's become increasingly difficult getting straight answers when you ask on board for sweet perfume recommendations since many people think sweets, especially certain kinds, should be abolished. Well, if you love sweet perfumes as I do and feel alone in the perfume community, thank goodness for Michael Edwards who just recently included these controversial new fragrance families into his new book! Look out for Fragrances of the World 2008 with the new Fruity and Gourmand categories. Thanks to one man who listened--it's about time!

Visit Fragrances of the World online and order your copy today.

I also highly recommend my "perfume bible", Perfume Legends: French Feminine Fragrances by Michael Edwards.