Sunday, June 01, 2008

Molinard Les Senteurs

Molinard Les Senteurs is a delightful line of simple yet satisfying single note fragrances that are beautifully crafted and easy to wear. My personal favorites in the line include Fraise (which seems to be discontinued), Mûre and Vanille. All of these are layerable with each other. Fraise is a delectable juicy strawberry; Mûre is a rich and sweet, deep, dark blackberry, and Vanille is a sweet and woody vanilla (but to describe its scent, it's a creamy vanilla rather than woody, even with its patchouli base, like ice cream rather than a smoky "where's the vanilla?" vanilla). The tall and slim cobalt blue glass apothecary style bottles are lovely to display, and if you can still find them, they are a great value at affordable prices.