Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink Manhattan Purrfume Reviewed by Jackie on StyleTips101.com!


This fabulous, glowing review was actually published on November 8th, 2007 in Sexy Scents by Jackie on StyleTips101.com, but since I'm just now finding it, I needed to share it! "These days it’s hard to find that perfect fragrance with so many different scents out there and that’s why I love Pink Manhattan Purrfume. It’s ultra soft, ultra feminine- it’s everything I want in a perfume!" Read more at this link and visit the hot fashionista site often! Sali Oguri Pink Manhattan Purrfume Mother's Day special offer is still in effect, so email your order with the code PRETTYMAMA included before May 31, 2008, and get a rare sample of my other perfume, Unreleased Mix aka Persephone perfume oil and a whole lot of other fabulous goodies, plus free shipping within the USA (International orders will be calculated based on location). Visit www.salioguri.com, my official website, for details on how to order. Only 5 days left--don't miss out!