Saturday, May 03, 2008

Trophée Lancôme

According to Wikipedia, "The Trophée Lancôme was a professional golf tournament which was staged in France from 1970 to 2003." Read more about Trophée Lancôme here.

Now, this scent is vintage enough that Lancôme's website doesn't recognize it when I try to search for it, but it's a well-known cologne among perfume lovers. I happened to luck out on a mini when I won one of my perfume lots on eBay, and here I am trying it out. This is a Chypre according to Basenotes where it also states: "In 1970, a new golf tournament was launched in France by Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue and Dominique Motte in association with Lancôme and CEO Pierre Menet. In 1982 an fragrance was lauched - Trophée Lancôme - the bottle had a golf ball stopper. Though the Trophee Lancome golf tournament continues to this day, the fragrance was discontinued but in 2002 was reintroduced along with Sagamore and Balafre."

I would say it's a fresh citrus-lavender fragrance that dries down to a floral scent. I get a lot of jasmine in this, and I think it reminds me very much of Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass (1934) (except Trophée isn't as powdery). It has a simultaneously green, herbaceous, spicy, slightly mossy and floral aroma backed by a transparent muskiness. For a citrus scent, it feels a bit rich for me, but it's still light enough that I wouldn't have known it was a Chypre unless someone told me. It also reminds me of Caswell Massey Number Six, a slightly spicy citrus cologne, but again, Trophée Lancôme has a richly floral density, an old-fashioned classic appeal that might go over with fans of Creed Royal Water and other musky Fougères. I find it interesting that this Men's sport scent doesn't have any aqueous sportif aroma in it.

Trophée Lancôme (1982): Lemon, Basil, Lime, Petitgrain, Patchouli, Bay, Cedar, Jasmine, Musk, Amber, Labdanum, Tonka.