Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Floris White Rose

This is a lovely rendition of the white rose. Although I doubt there was any white rose alba incorporated in the creation of this scent (the exquisite white rose I find in Shiseido's White Rose Natural), it certainly captures the essence of the delicate white rose. I find Floris White Rose in some ways easier to wear than Caswell-Massey White Rose which, although it's a lovely scent in its own right, I found a bit heavy and musky-powdery. Floris White Rose is very similar to the Caswell-Massey historical fragrance being a slightly powdery rose, but it wears a bit lighter and fresher. It has an aldehydic violet-iris tone to give it an old-fashioned feel, and since I can't wear many powdery rose-violet aldehydics such as Hermès Kelly Calèche, Jean Brosseau Ombre Rose, Balenciaga Le Dix and Amouage Dia, I find Floris White Rose the least powdery, more dewy, the perfect one in the genre for me.

If you like Kate by Kate Moss, this is a slightly more retro light rose scent, worth a try.

(Image: www.perfumespedia.com, www.21stcenturyvillage.com)