Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gucci by Gucci

No, it's not another "insipid fruity thing" as people like to call light and sweet scents--it's another Prada, and how many more Pradas do we need? Wasn't it enough to have Thierry Mugler Angel and all its variations (Angel Lily, Angel Violet, Angel Rose, Angel Innocent, etc)? Even Chanel got on the Angel bandwagon and put out Coromandel. From Gucci to Pucci, I'm overwhelmed by the same modern patchouli accord: heavy, hippie-Catholic church incense-traditional Indian bug repellant combined with fruits, florals and spice headspace technology sleek and linear brew everywhere I turn. Of course, I understand many people prefer the pungent, earthy, "grown up" (unsweet and heavy, or sweet with other distracting twists to make it seem unsweet, a nouveau Chypre) smell, and if you're really into patch, you could probably smell the different variations of them out there. For me, it's as appealing as eating unsweetened chocolate. Oh, swoon! Yeah, sure. But take my opinion with a grain of salt; I believe most people disagree with me and love this scent a lot.

To clarify, Gucci by Gucci is not the same fragrance as an earlier launch called Gucci Eau de Parfum, which was another spicy, heavy, interesting scent, but more Oriental-ambery than woody to my recollection.

I liked Sephora's description of it being "confident"--I believe that's a code word to describe a strong fragrance with great presence, sillage and lasting power. I think it's also code for "classical", as in the Chypre fragrance family of Greco-Roman origin.