Friday, June 13, 2008

Love by Kilian

Love by Kilian is one of the Les Ingénues collection and my favorite in the line (although so far I've only tested a couple--Beyond Love was a nice, buttery tuberose soliflore in the vein of L'Artisan Parfumeur Tubereuse). Love is totally my kind of scent--sweet and sensual but not too heavy, and easy to wear. I'd compare it to another favorite of mine, Le Labo Jasmin 17, which to me is a more vanillic-sweet version of yet another love of mine, Marc Jacobs Blush featuring jasmine, bergamot, orange blossom and honeysuckle notes. What I smell is a citrusy white floral blend of jasmine, orange blossom and neroli with a sparkling bergamot top and sweet marshmallow base notes, a combination that's at once delicious and fresh, lightly floral and a little bit decadent. The dry down gets a bit more intensely sugary like burnt caramel. There is a bit of musk in the blend and I can see the comparisons often made to Etat Libre d'Orange Divin'enfant, but I think Love by Kilian is more citrusy and floral. I'll also add that the dry down base note I find prominent in Love is labdanum, the same animalic note I find in Le Labo Jasmin 17, Frédéric Malle Musc Ravageur and L de Lolita Lempicka, all by Maurice Roucel who when composing scents works his way up the pyramid from the base (Love is by perfumer Caline Becker (Christian Dior J'Adore)).

Love is a refined and delicate Gourmand Floral that's perfect for evening and maybe even perfect for daytime depending on the setting.