Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shania by Stetson

Shania by Stetson is a celebrity perfume made by Coty for the beautiful and talented Canadian country singer-songwriter, Shania Twain. This is a scent for the drugstore chain, but I'll tell you--it's a pretty nice fragrance. I'd describe it as a Fruity Floral with a very light vanillic base. It smells a lot like the new Chloé crossed with Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Hot. It completely lacks pretense and I find it light and sweet, clean and refreshing with some depth. I also appreciate the slogan for the perfume: "The will of a woman". Her lyrics have always reflected an outspoken person with substantial things to say, for which I'm glad because women around the world benefit from her inability to keep silent. Packed with freedom-loving, inspirational American sensibilities, Shania by Stetson appeals to my Westernized heart and soul.

I honestly can't tell the difference in quality between this scent and the new Chloé. Either drugstore perfumes have come a long way, or mainstream smells like drugstore now--or maybe the truth is somewhere in-between.

Here are the notes on
Beauty. Spirit. Independence. The essence of Shania Twain captured in an irresistible fragrance. Shania by Stetson. Bright and beautiful with an original “Western Heart Accord” of wild prairie rose, vivid freesia, and country honeysuckle with a hint of vine-ripe raspberries and fresh pomegranate.

There is a white cap version and a hot pink cap version, and I believe the pink one is associated with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.