Thursday, July 10, 2008

Carolina Herrera 212

I don't wear 212 anymore but when it launched back in 1997, it became a favorite of mine and I wore it exclusively for awhile. Sometimes, I still miss the fresh, herbaceous marine-woody scent with accents of light florals and barely perceptible fruits in the backdrop. It's simultaneously musky and a bit clean; I could compare the scent to Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance (1997) and Elizabeth Arden Splendor (1998), all transparent-powdery-musky scents with wooded bases. The musky woodiness packs a big sillage (at least as much as Calvin Klein Eternity or Dior Pure Poison) and carries well across a room, so I wouldn't recommend it for the office, but I think light musky-floral scents like this can smell terrific in warm weather, so pack 212 for casual beach getaways. Spritz it once or twice at night for a subtly sexy aura.

212 is one of New York City's (telephone) area codes. Carolina Herrera dedicated this fragrance to her daughter who lives in the city.

Notes from
Carolina Herrera 212 for Women is a herbaceous fragrance, packed full of green notes and herbs but with the addition of fruits and marine notes, for a refreshing an unique fragrance for women.

Carolina Herrera 212 For Women (1997): gardenia, queen of the night cactus flower, lily, lace flower, bergamot, satinwood, sandalwood, musk