Friday, July 18, 2008

Christian Dior - Dior Addict

"Admit it" suggests the somewhat risque (and slightly tacky) yet subversive, clever advertisement for Christian Dior Dior Addict fragrance. While I can't admit to an addiction I don't have (and no, it's not denial talking - I'm addicted to many other fragrances besides Addict :-p), I can testify that this is a great perfume: distinctive, easily recognizable (which to me is a hallmark of a great perfume, and Dior has created many perfumes with strong characters (classics)) and above all, pleasant-smelling, albeit strong. Dior Addict is one of those scents I can smell across the room even from one spritz. It's dense and heavy but at the same time streamlined and modern; imagine taking the intricately vanillic-ambery modern Floral Oriental Guerlain L'Instant, losing the frilly flowers but keeping the bread-y flour, then crossing it with Armani Sensi or Burberry Brit with their South East Asian cuisine-like sharp, spicy limey-woody attack and you've got it. I've been wearing it for two days in a row, so I'm in the mood for it right now. It's still among my favorite fragrances; I love its empowered, confidently sexy scent. I get a rosy heart and some fruits and orange blossom as it dries down; it's just sweet and powdery enough without being fuddy duddy. The one major gripe I have is that the Mysore sandalwood seems a bit on the artificially enhanced side, but on the other hand, the bourbon vanilla base is scrumptious, well worth the wait. Plus, this scent lasts forever and a day on my skin, which may be good news for those of you who need lasting power in a perfume. It's a winner of a choice when I want a stylish blend of fresh and Oriental-sweet, with a great deal of boldness - the kind it takes to actually admit to a weakness or personal fault and make those brave new changes to make life - my own and others' - better than ever before.

(Edited to add) OK, I'm loving this scent for 4 consecutive days, turning my admiration into an addiction. It doesn't hurt that I get raves wearing it!

Bois de Jasmin lists these notes:
Dior Addict (2002) - mandarin leaf, silk tree flower, Queen of the Night flower, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, absolute of bourbon vanilla, sandalwood from Mysore, tonka bean