Thursday, July 03, 2008

Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger

Even though Serge Lutens and Shiseido are so on my s**t list for putting out that racist blurb for their newest perfume, I also take into consideration Shiseido is, after all, the company that makes skin whitening creams for the Japanese and Asian markets. I also speak and read Japanese, so I know the newest Shiseido Serge offering isn't the only thing being sold with "white skin" as a selling point. Many white people around the world still don't understand what non-whites in the same world see in this marketing tactic as being morally deficient not to mention old, particularly if they think the beauty industry reserves the right to be "creative" as if it's the most important virtue. To me, a product that doesn't come from a loving, higher place has nothing truly meaningful to offer, but that's the beauty industry for you--as superficial as ever. Maybe it's silly to expect art from fashion and beauty. You can be artistic in the field, but true art transcends the physical. If you need to focus on skin color to sell your product, that's materialistic in and of itself and turns me off. Art comes from a much deeper place and you can't fake it by being elitist and exclusive.

Anyway, seeing as my opinion on the matter has caused major havoc in blogosphere enough to be ridiculed as "PC" and banned from the Serge Noire threads, and how the racism I see is continually harped on as being all in my head by the ignorant, I thought I'd educate my audience before every Serge Lutens post from now on, until someone there actually starts giving a crap. I'm Japanese, too, but obviously, we're not a monolithic group that wants to stay exclusive as a people, and I don't see how Shiseido can afford not to be more "politically correct" which, by the way, is a term trendily used as an anti-American pejorative around the world, not to mention to discredit a legitimate argument against racism in the industry. Guess where I live and feel blessed, especially as July 4th is coming up? It'll be a cold day in hell before anyone on the outside can stop me from caring about the plight of the minority that affects this country, and through it all, I STILL would rather be here than there. I'm glad I live where the majority of people are "PC" (by choice). Today, there's a PC view that all men are equal; this is undoubtedly biologically correct as well.

Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger is no ordinary fleur d'oranger perfume. The white flowers in this composition are orange blossoms backed by white jasmine and heady tuberose. It smells very similar to A la Nuit to me, actually. The effect on me is a densely powdery, heavy, sweet floral. It also has a pungent wooded base with cumin giving it a musky tone. All in all, it's not a refreshing fleur d'oranger, but it might be something you'd like if you prefer a rich and spicy, perfumey fleur d'oranger over a light, citrusy one. You could say it's the queen bee of fleur d'orangers, assertive and attention-loving. It's very floral and heady--reminds me of Giorgio, but in the best way (and the all-American Giorgio isn't as bad as perfume people make it sound, either).