Thursday, July 03, 2008

On Censorship

So where do I stand on censorship? I remember debating this with a friend who believes nothing should ever be censored, not even from children. I had to disagree with that because I see no good coming from showing young children very explicit images that could scare them or instill prejudice against others (they should listen to good music, though, not just silly, dumbed down children's music). He says this is a very American mentality. However, I also believe people need to know what our past or present look like, and we need to grow from knowledge. I don't believe in censorship to the point where people's lives can be threatened, and things that offend shouldn't be wiped out from the history books, either. I just think we can be more evolved in how we handle these kinds of things today without people feeling the need to jump to one side. Can't we take each case as it comes, you know, as in "all things in context"? This is a case where relativism might be the wisest way. Why does everything have to be so black and white, dualist or reductionist, either for or against or one-size-fits-all? Why do we try to apply one theory to fit every single case? Is there ever an exception to the rule, and can it depend on the rule?

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